Best foods and drinks on Saracen Bay, Koh Rong Samloem


Saracen Bay is the main tourist beach on Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia. For those who are staying on the beach, here are 5 foods and drinks that you should not miss.

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Fish Amok at Sol Beach Resort

At number one is quite possibly the best Fish Amok that I have had in Cambodia, let alone the islands. It really is that special, and I have had a lot of Fish Amoks in my time (my Khmer wife agrees with me, and she too loves this classic Cambodian dish).

You can find it at the fantastic Sol Beach resort – Located near the centre of the bay. Even if you’re not staying here, pop in and try it one night. They also have a fantastic selection of wines to accompany the meal, so you’re in for a superb overall dining experience.

Fish Amok (via Tripbuddies)

Pizza at Moonlight Resort

At number two is the outstanding pizza you can find at the very quirky Moonlight Resort, right next to Sol Beach above. Of all the pizza’s I have ever had on Samloem, Moonlight’s is by far the best – Thin crispy base, thick rich toppings, and a nice cheesy texture. What’s more, Moonlight is the only place on Samloem that serves white wine at the perfect temperature, so it’s worth a visit if only for that alone!

Cocktails at The One Resort

At number three are the cocktails at the much recommended The One resort. The One (next to Moonlight) is the only resort on Samloem with a swimming pool. At night times, the pool is lit up, and the background ocean scenery is splendid. Although the cocktails themselves probably won’t blow you away, the mesmerising setting certainly will!

Cocktails (via Secret Paradise Resort)

Crab & Papaya Salad at Saracen Bay Resort

At number 4 is the delicious Crab & Papaya salad at the fabulous Saracen Bay resort. Saracen bay resort is very close to the main pier (head left for 5 min as you get off the boat), and its restaurant is on a pier of its own. As such, you can enjoy your tasty meal overlooking the glorious sparkling ocean waters directly beneath.

Now, the Crab & Papaya salad I recommend here won’t be to everyone’s taste, but if you’re open minded and want to try something different, this is definitely the dish for you!

Beer at Freedom Island Resort

Beer at Freedom Island Resort (via Through Glass and Prose)

If you’re visiting Samloem either side of the rainy season, you should plan to see the wonderful waterfall on the far side of the island (head right as you get off the ferry – It’s a part of Freedom Island resort). Beside the pool at the bottom of the waterfall is a little bar area, and there really is nothing better than relaxing in the refreshing jungle waters with a cold drink. Here I’ve chosen beer, but it’s really up to you how you want to enjoy this phenomenal setting.

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